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About Us

Our goal is to create a sustainable business that exercises the muscle of American manufacturing, provides rewarding jobs for exceptional people, and brings a "built-to-last" craftsman’s attitude to the laser tool market.

Origin Laser Tool Cornerstone Classic Laser Reference Level - Tim Litvin

Following three years of intensive product development, Origin Laser Tools was founded in 2010 as a "mom and pop laser shop" for the purpose of building exceptionally fine laser tools. If you call or write, it will probably be me responding, and I'll be happy to take a little break to talk with you.

Sorry about the excruciating waiting period to get your order: we'll work to reduce that. The reality is that we're a small, brand new company, trying to do something extraordinary and without a lot of money, so we have to grow carefully. We build these tools per order, in small batches. Building them is the fun part: there's also a mind-numbing amount of organizational activity going on behind the scenes, setting the stage for the very pleasant task of building and calibrating your personal laser.

Origin Laser Tool Cornerstone Classic Laser Reference Level - Tim Litvin

Our laser's mechanical parts are CNC-milled by a local machine shop, a local circuit board manufacturer fabricates and assembles our custom electronics... even the hand-checkered wooden grips are the product of a local craftsman. Almost every other component is also made in the United States. The components are finally assembled, by hand, here in Santa Cruz. Every one of our lasers comes with a personal, signed guarantee, a direct promise that your tool was built and calibrated to the highest standards. I hope that your Origin laser will become your favorite tool, one that you rely on, one that helps you to do better quality work more efficiently.

Our laser tools are an investment, made by craftsmen, for craftsmen. We hope they’ll become a tool that you’ll look forward to using, every day.


----Tim Litvin, President of Origin Laser Tools, was the lead design engineer of the Cornerstone and the LaserCube. Tim has spent 20 years developing new optical devices for the R&D, Industrial and Consumer sectors, and is named on a whole bunch of patents. This guy knows lasers and laser levels, and was lead designer of the rugged LeveLite LaserPro® series.

Among the many team members, ongoing contributors, and advisors to this endeavor, especially notable are...