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Origin Laser Tool Cornerstone Classic Laser Reference Level - Tim Litvin Origin Laser Tool Cornerstone Classic Laser Reference Level - Tim Litvin Origin Laser Tool Cornerstone Classic Laser Reference Level - Tim Litvin

Sales Policy:

To get your name on the list for a personalized Cornerstone, we require a minimum 5% deposit*, at which point you'll be given a promised delivery date. You can call first if you want to find out how long the wait currently is. 

Payments accepted via Check, Money Order, or PayPal. When your Cornerstone is ready to ship you will be contacted to pay the balance prior to shipment.

Note that, for time-being, we are shipping only to the 50 United States and the European Union.

Under normal delivery circumstances your deposit is non-refundable (or it wouldn’t really be a deposit). If unusual circumstances delay the delivery of your Cornerstone beyond our promised date, you will be offered your choice of various options, including:

  • An Extended Warranty on electronic components.
  • A discount on accessories.
  • A “Thanks-for-not-being-a-jerk-about-it” gift.
  • In special cases, a farewell refund.

Our Standard Warranty

All of our laser tools carry a 25-year standard warranty against manufacturing defects on all American-made components (that's almost everything). We further warranty the electronics and optical calibration accuracy for two years. We're pretty easy going, we want you to be happy, but we probably won't absorb the cost of repair if, for instance, you happen to run over your laser with a forklift. Even if you did... well, let's just say that this is one tough tool, and it was designed so that if accidents do occur, it can be easily repaired and recalibrated. We will not be held responsible for any damage to the forklift.

Service Policy:

If you want to send your laser to us for repair or calibration verification, just give us a call and a healthy credit card number, and we will ship a loaner unit to you overnight in a reusable shipping case. Pack up your laser in the case and send it back to us; we'll make sure it comes back to you promptly with all the functional integrity of a new unit. You can then use the same shipping container to return our loaner unit.