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On the Jobsite
Origin Laser Tool Cornerstone Classic Laser Reference Level - Tim Litvin

What can a 3D Reference Laser do for you?

Have you ever noticed that the difference between a job that seems to fight you every step of the way, versus a job that seems to go easily, has a lot to do with having the right tools? When you decide to invest in your career as a builder, think "Origin Laser Tools". A 3D reference laser can serve as a single, compact tool ideal for leveling/sloping and squaring foundations, for framing, for tile work, for stonework, and for finish cabinetry. Mount one on a tripod as a central, fixed plumb-level-square jobsite reference, or carry yours in a holster for instant personal use anywhere.

The Cornerstone’s self-leveling function will greatly improve the accuracy of your layout work, making the building process much more efficient while saving you time and money. The Laser Cube ML-3 is a tool you've needed for years: perfectly simple, useful in countless layout situations.  And because our tools are built to last, using the highest quality materials and components available, they are an investment that will be saving you time and money for decades to come.