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LaserCube ML-3

The LaserCube ML-3 is a whole new type of laser tool, something we call a “3D spatial reference laser”. Based on the same patent-pending optics as our Cornerstone Classic, the ML-3 is a compact, manually-leveled laser ideal for home remodeling, boatbuilding and aerospace applications.


In many situations, the builder can’t expect an existing structure to be level. Imagine classic home remodeling where a foundation has settled. Picture working on a vessel that’s floating or secured with temporary shoring. In these circumstances… and many others, auto-leveling lasers are the wrong tool, and using one can lead to disastrous results. Instead, the builder needs to quickly align to existing references, ensuring that their work is in visual and structural agreement to what already exists. This is where a spatial reference laser is needed.

Featuring genuine Cornerstone optics, the ML-3 projects three complete 360° planes of 635nm (red) laser light. With simultaneous XYZ references, the builder can easily layout and verify their work with confidence. Getting accurate results can be painless even when straight edges and square corners are unavailable, as with the compound curved structures typical to shipbuilding.
At the flip of a switch, the ML-3 projects precise right angle planes to instantly fill a room with laser reference lines across every surface, wet or dry, clean or dusty.
Orthogonal accuracy to 0.003° (1/16" at 100'), the ML-3 saves tons of time, labor and extra steps, reducing the chances for costly errors.



Adjustable to +/-5°, the ML-3 lasers will blaze for six continuous hours using rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries. Waterproof to IP54… rinse it off when it gets dirty. The ML-3 is an extremely rugged, premium-quality precision laser tool, about the size of a large tape measure. Hogged from solid 6061 aluminum, it weighs in at 1.5lbs.

 A complete 3D laser reference. At $995, the ML-3 will quickly pay for itself. And like all Origin Laser Tools' products... it's Built to Last.

Made in America. Available only from Origin Laser Tools. 
ML-3 Spatial Reference Origin Laser Tools