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Origin Laser Tools Plane Engine

Working Together to Meet Market Needs

Years of intensive R&D were invested in Origin Laser Tools (OLT) intellectual property portfolio. OLT offers opportunities for licensing of our patent-pending toroidal Ring Lens technology to other OEM's who wish to create, and bring to market, new products complimentary to our own. Lower cost, volume manufacturing opportunities abound.

OLT has created the Planar Projector, the first solid-state optic that meets the demanding needs of the professional contractor. The Planar Projector is a high performance optical assembly that creates a radial plane of laser light from an axial source.This patent-pending optical breakthrough in laser beam shaping is a spectacular advance from the optics technology used in other site layout laser tools. Calibrated planarity, a sealed optical cavity, and true 360° radial projection are among its advantages.

1-Plane Cube Projector Origin Laser Tools 2-Plane Cube Projector Origin Laser Tools3-Plane Cube Projector Origin Laser Tools

In addition to licensing opportunities, OLT offers modular solutions for easy, stable product integration. The Cube Projector, as an example, is available in a 1-plane, a 2-plane and a 3-plane version, with multiple planes orthogonal to within a few arc seconds. Cube Projector modules may be supplied complete with lasers and drivers, and the sealed optical cavity can be supplied dry-nitrogen purged. A choice of laser wavelength and power is offered, as well as other optical features. Mono-metallic optomechanical structures are available. Cube Projectors modules can be configured for premium-quality instruments and laboratory use, as well as for more cost-sensitive tools. OEM's may contact us for quotes.

The versatility of Planar Projector optics opens a door to a new family of advanced laser products that will enable contractors to operate more efficiently. Uses include a compact replacement for the cumbersome and ubiquitous rotator tool. Based on Planar Projector optics, the optical functions of a motorized rotator can be accomplished in a more robust, compact, lightweight, efficient, and less expensive package than previously possible. Other tools enhanced by Planar Projector optics include laser protractors for grading and angular measurement, indexed tile spacing reference tools, as well as laser tools that provide complete plumb, level, and square reference planes in a portable package.