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At Origin Laser Tools, we combine sophisticated technology with traditional integrity to build tools you can trust. We're not focused on being the biggest laser company; we just want to make the best tools for people who care about the difference it makes.

Made in America, the Cornerstone™ and the LaserCube ML-3 were designed with an unflinching craftsman’s attitude. Origin Laser Tools uses high-speed precision CNC-machining to carve monolithic components from aerospace materials, creating the strongest and most stable structures possible. Ultra-precise diamond-turning lathes cut each of the aspheric optics from raw materials so they will form the brightest and most distinct laser lines. The high-stability "kinematic" laser alignment allows replacement and recalibration of laser diodes, ensuring that our tools can be kept in service for decades.

The distinctive hardwood grips of our laser tools are the company’s tip-of-the-hat to the craftsman. The grips are made from your choice of exotic hardwoods, and can be optionally "hand-checkered" (the diamond-shaped pattern on a pistol grip) by one of our own Santa Cruz craftsmen.

Each and every component was designed so that it could be replaced if ever necessary. However, Origin Laser Tools is so confident about the durability of our products that every tool comes with a 25-year warranty on all structural components. This is our approach to sustainability. Instead of making disposable consumer products from recycled materials, we do it right the first time and build tools that will last.